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Oy1's Omissions

About 101 browsers view oy1.blogspot.com everyday with about 2.24 pages surfed by each person on average as of June, 2017 [1].

Most visitors have done no college, doctorate degrees & college/higher education, expectedly largely male, earning roughly 100k+, 30k - 60k & 10k - 30k while viewing from cafe, home & restaurant.

India (53.9%), Brazil (12.16%), Indonesia (7.73%), Viet Nam (7.15%) & Turkey (6.71%) are most traffic adding countries, potentially sending roughly 87.65% of total visitors [2].

$3.04 per day could be earned from oy1.blogspot.com and can be acquired for $1.1k [3]. It is 7 years 11 months 8 days old blog.

However, sometimes browsers may cause a fault and type iy1, ky1 and ly1 instead oy1.blogspot.com due to very akin URL spellings.

oy1.blogspot.com Blog Profile

Author seems to be posting too little as exhibited by his activity level of 7.79 posts/year, thus author seems to be not much interested in blogging.

URL oy1
Blog Age 7 years 11 months 8 days
Total Blog Posts 62
Blog Start Date December 10, 2008, 11:27 am
Post Frequency/Year 7.79

oy1.blogspot.com's Posts

Below given are the blog posts of oy1.blogspot.com updated until June, 2017:

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oy1.blogspot.com User Involvement

Every month expectedly 3.0k individuals use oy1.blogspot.com. Each of that views 2.24 pages on average per month. This marks that it is very little known web property.

During June, 2017 there was potential to attract 3.0k visitors.

Monthly Visitors 3038
Monthly Pageviews 6805
Avg. Time on Site 03:08 minutes
Engagement 2.24 pages/user

oy1.blogspot.com Revenue Estimation

Our data unveils this site administrator could have earned $91 during June, 2017. With India (having $1.6k per capita income), Brazil (having $8.7k per capita income) and Indonesia (having $3.4k per capita income), contributing toward larger share of traffic, the earning potential of oy1.blogspot.com is amazing. All in all this site can be sold for $1.1k.

Net Value $1.1k
Daily Earnings $3.04

oy1.blogspot.com Web Footprint

Watch the index and backlinks count in major search engines. WayBack Machine can expose how this site looked in past.

Visitor Profile of oy1.blogspot.com

Higher CPC (Cost Per Click) in CPC ads and more sales result when people from richer states visit your site. During June, 2017 oy1.blogspot.com has been visited by 53.9% India (avg income $1.6k), 12.16% Brazil (avg income $8.7k) and 7.73% Indonesia (avg income $3.4k).

Country Monthly Visitors Monthly Pageviews Per Capita Income
India 802 1.8k $1.6k
Brazil 180 405 $8.7k
Indonesia 114 257 $3.4k
Viet Nam 106 238 $2.1k
Turkey 99 223 $9.4k
Philippines 95 213 $2.9k
Russian Federation 88 198 $9.1k

oy1.blogspot.com Keyword Map

Keyword outline of oy1.blogspot.com implies the website is established upon high worth keywords. Greater keyword costs can bring larger incomes.

Keyword Expected Cost Expected Visitors
omissions $0.9 201
item-control $0.81 164
display $1.03 278
none $1.42 504
sunday $1.14 280
april $1.27 506
email $1.28 507
psychiatrist $0.88 170
shrink $1.18 284
nuts $1.49 510

Ethnic Group

Visitor profile of oy1.blogspot.com mainly consists of Caucasian people who are people with Europid ancestry particularly eminent in US, Russia, Brazil & UK, contributing (22% or about 668 visitors) during June, 2017, along with fair share of Ethnic groups like Hispanic (22%, about 668 visits) and Middle Eastern (16%, roughly 486 people).

Ethnic Groups Potential Percentage Expected Visitors
African 7% 212
African American 4% 121
Asian 14% 425
Caucasian 22% 668
Hispanic 22% 668
Middle Eastern 16% 486

Likely Typo URLs

An average visitor while trying to directly land on oy1.blogspot.com may mistakenly type below URLs:


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